Services we offer:

Internal Medicine – Full diagnostic work-up and treatment available.

Wellness examinations, vaccinations – Routine health care provided for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and pocket pets.

Surgery – We offer routine as well as specialized surgical procedures on a daily basis.

We take the outmost care and consideration for all our animal patients undergoing anesthesia. We use the latest technology for pre-anesthetic blood tests, and to monitor all patients during the surgical or dental procedure. Pulse oximetry and heart rate are the basic monitors but owners can choose the advance monitoring that would include EKG, pulse oximetry, heart rate and blood pressure. An assistant will be monitoring the patient during the procedure. Nerve blocks are additional pain relief used during dental extractions and cat declaws. We send our surgical patients home on oral pain medication.

Dental – Latest dental prophylactic technology, latest digital dental radiology to determine dental treatment and prognosis.

ICU – Intensive Care Unit available for advanced treatment and supportive care.

Hospital – Separate cat and dog wards on site.

Radiology – We offer diagnostic radiographs as well as contrast radiology.

Diagnostic Laboratory – Complete blood count (CBC), complete chemistry analysis for major organ function, and other in hospital tests available for immediate diagnosis.

Pharmacy – Most therapeutics available for your convenience.

Prescription foods – We sell Science Diet, Iams, and Royal Canin foods.