small black and white dog being pet by vet tech who is reviewing notes on clipboard


We offer routine as well as specialized surgical procedures on a daily basis such as anal gland removal, patella luxation repair, some fracture repairs, and cruciate repairs. We take the outmost care and consideration for all our animal patients undergoing anesthesia. We use the latest technology for pre-anesthetic blood tests, and to monitor all patients during the surgical or dental procedure. A dedicated assistant will be monitoring heart rate, oxygen levels, EKG, blood pressure, and temperature for the entirety of the procedure. Nerve blocks are additional pain relief used during dental extractions. We send our surgical patients home on oral pain medication.

Schedule Surgery for Your Pet

If you are considering veterinary surgery for your pet, please contact us at (715) 389-1011 to schedule a consultation with your Castlerock Veterinary Hospital veterinarian.